Determination of the density

The density ρ of a homogeneous solid is defined as the ratio of its mass to its volume.

If the mass of a material is related to the volume of the solid, we speak of pure density. If the mass is related to the volume of the entire quantity of material, i.e. including any pores or cavities, we speak of bulk density.

The immersion method is used for the experimental determination of density. The test is carried out on analytical balances with a measuring accuracy of 0.1 mg. In addition to the immersion vessel, a pycnometer with aside-arm overflow capillary is required for the exact determination of the density of the immersion liquid when this liquid is not water.

Sample preparation

  • Sample preparation possible from
    • Components
    • Test specimens
    • Plates
  • Deburring of the samples (surface of the specimen shall be smooth)

Test conditions

  • Immersion method (Method A)
  • Testing at room temperature
  • Immersion liquids depending on the material:
    • Ethanol
    • deionized water


Akkreditierte Normen

  • DIN EN ISO 1183-1:
    Kunststoffe – Verfahren zur Bestimmung der Dichte von nicht verschäumten Kunststoffen
    • Teil 1: Eintauchverfahren, Verfahren mit Flüssigkeitspyknometer und Titrationsverfahren

Weitere Normen

  • DIN EN ISO 845:
    Schaumstoffe aus Kautschuk und Kunststoffen – Bestimmung der Rohdichte

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