Instrumented scratch test

With the instrumented scratch testing machine from Coesfeld GmbH & Co. KG, we can carry out measurements for you on plastics (compact flat test specimens, components, plates) and films - also transparent (from 100 µm) - and thus evaluate the scratch resistance multi-parametrically.

With the three-dimensionally movable measuring table and exchangeable indenters (e.g. Rockwell or Vickers) as well as the option to use a vacuum table for specimen fixation, the device is versatile.

The force range extends from 0 to 50 N, the force can be applied constantly (PID-controlled) or as a ramp. Penetration depth controlled tests are also possible. The maximum feed (scratch) speed is 200 mm/min.

Special features are the surface scan before scratching (for correction of inclinations and surface structure), as well as the optical scratch depth measurement carried out after scratching, which can be repeated up to ten times in the time range up to 24 h, whereby time-dependent recovery behaviour can also be measured.

In addition to the normal force, the 3D force sensor also measures longitudinal and transversal force.

Technical equipment

  • Rockwell or Vickers indenter
  • Normal force up to 50 N, constant or ramp
  • Scratching speed: up to 200 mm/min
  • Scratch length: up to 100 mm
  • up to 5 scratches per run
  • Scratch depth measurement: up to ten times per scratch, up to 24 h after scratch insertion
  • Testing of plastic sheets, test specimens and foils (transparent from 100 µm thickness)
  • Standard climate control: standard climate (23 °C, 50 % humidity)

Sample preparation

  • Foils: cutting, punching
  • Plates: sawing
  • Requirement: sufficiently flat surface for scratching


  • ISO 19252:
    Kunststoffe – Bestimmung von Kratzeigenschaften


  • Scratch hardness
  • Plough hardness
  • Apparent coefficient of friction
  • Recovery 
  • Fracture mechanical analyses

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