Determination of the surface and volume resistance with DC

The determination of the surface or volume resistance is necessary above all for materials that are to separate electrical equipment from one another. In addition, it can be important to determine the ability to dissipate electrical charges, which correlates directly with the surface resistance.

To determine the surface and volume resistance, a test specimen is placed in the measuring capacitor and the resistance between the electrodes is measured. To determine the volume resistance, the measuring electrodes are placed on the opposite sides of the test specimen. To determine the surface resistance, the two measuring electrodes are located at a defined distance on the same side of the test body.

Sample preparation

  • Conditioning in standard climate
  • Removal of samples from plates or test specimens


  • DIN IEC 60093:
    Prüfverfahren für Elektroisolierstoffe; Spezifischer Durchgangswiderstand und spezifischer Oberflächenwiderstand von festen, elektrisch isolierenden Werkstoffen (zurückgezogen)
  • DIN EN 62631-3-1:
    Dielektrische und resistive Eigenschaften fester Isolierstoffe – Teil 3-1: Bestimmung resistiver Eigenschaften (Gleichspannungsverfahren) – Durchgangswiderstand und spezifischer Durchgangswiderstand – Basisverfahren
  • ASTM D 4496:
    Messung des Gleichstromwiderstandes von mäßig leitenden Stoffen
  • ASTM D 257:
    Prüfung des Gleichstromwiderstandes von Isolierstoffen


  • Specific surface resistance 
  • Surface resistivity 
  • Specific volume resistance 
  • Volume resistance

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