Synthesis of polymers

  • Synthesis of model polymers
    with well-defined structural parameters produced by anionic polymerization (various kinds of styrene, methacrylates, acrylates, ethylene oxide, propylene oxide)
  • Manufacturing specialty polymers
    up to one kilogram via radical and controlled radical techniques (styrene, methacrylates, acrylates, different kinds of vinyl monomers)
  • Synthesis of tailor made copolymers
    such as block, graft and star block copolymers consisting of styrene or various meth acrylates as well as different MSA copolymers
  • Manufacture of macromers
    with a (meth)acrylate, vinyl or allyl group 
  • Functionalization of homo and block copolymers
    via introduction or separation of functional groups
  • Polymer modification in solution, melt or solid phase
    by grafting, functionalization, chain degradation and cross-linking (examples: polyolefins and rubbers)
  • Performance of special organic syntheses
    reactions in melt, solution, emulsion, suspension and in the gaseous phase at a pressure of up to 20 bar and temperatures of up to 200°C

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