Polymer processing

Discontinuous polymer processing

Internal mixer (50 cm3 – 300 cm3 chambers)

  • Collecting of torque-time-temperature-diagrams during the mixing process
  • Reproducible determination of Black Incorporation Time (BIT) according to Cotten
  • Creation of temperature corrected torque-time curves and determination of the degree of property conservation 
  • Measurement of the electrical conductance for the visualization of dispersion and distribution of carbon black

Laboratory roller mill

  • Homogenisation and compounding of rubber recipes 
  • Mechanical and thermal stress and activation of rubber powder

Continuous polymer processing

Single screw extruder with round and rheometer dies (19 mm, Brabender)

Coextrusion line (2 extruders, 25 mm / 30mm, Collin)

  • 250 mm 5 layer cast film die
  • 60 mm x 1 mm blow film head

Twin screw extruder (25 mm, Berstorff)

  • 4 component gravimetric dosing
  • Vacuum degassing
  • Pelletizing
  • 150 mm monolayer cast film die with melt pump


  • HAAKE™ MiniLab Micro-Compounder
    • Air cooling, co-rotating and counter rotating screws 
  • compounding and rheological measurements with sample mass below 8 g
  • in cooperation with the university of applied sciences Merseburg

Processing and sample preparation

  • Pelletizing and milling
  • Sheet moulding
  • Injection moulding


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