Expert Office

PSM runs an independent office of autorized experts. So we can offer you in the field of plastics engineering benefits as follows:

  • Expert opinions furnished by publicly appointed and sworn experts
  • Failure or damage analysis of polymeric and elastomeric products in accordance to VDI 3822
  • Expert opinions for courts and insurances
  • Expert opinions for small and medium-sized enterprises in the plastic sector
  • Handling of damages and complaints
  • Auditing for RAL eco-labels “Blue Angel” according to RAL-UZ 30a (products made from recycled plastics) and RAL-UZ 193 (fabrics made from recycled plastics)
  • Recommendation for material selection and execution of material searches

Our testing laboratories are equipped with modern devices to characterize the morphological, chemical, fractographical, thermal and mechanical properties of plastics, elastomers and composite materials. So we can deliver expert opinions based on knowledge and research experiences.

We offer objectivity, competence and support by enlightement of damages, to determine the failure cause and we develop concepts to avoid damages and failures. We help to evaluate and estimate complaints in the production of plastics and components. 


Expert opinions by officially authorized and sworn experts:


Prof. Dr. Ines Kotter
Telefon: +49 (0)3461 30889-70

Prof. Dr. Katrin Reincke
Telefon: +49 (0)3461 30889-55