Extraction and digestion

For many investigations it is a prerequisite to have the samples or the interesting portion in a solution that can be injected into the analysis system. Often samples are supplied as solids, pasty samples or viscous liquids.


Especially for the application of isolating and examining contaminants or additives of polymers we recommend the Soxhlet or SOXTHERM® rapid extraction system. With those methods the samples are treated with an organic solvent in such a manner that the polymer itself is only soaked but the foreign material or additives are dissolved and concentrated. The subsequent methods applied to these extracts are based on spectroscopic (IR, UV/VIS, NMR) and chromatographic (HPLC, GC, GC/MS) methods.


The samples have to be dissolved in water if metals contained in the samples need to be identified and quantified. This usually happens through acidic treatment in a microwave digestion system(HNO3, HCl, H2O2, HF in variable proportions)

(In cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Merseburg.)

SOXTHERM® rapid extraction system
Microwave digestion system

Sample Preparation

  • Necessary sample quantity: between 0.5 g and 20 g

Testing Conditions

  • Extraction:
    • Soxhlet-flow extraction
    • Soxtherm-extractor (Gerhardt, 2 channels)
  • Microwave:
    • Anton Paar MW3000
  • Extraction and digestion conditions are adapted and developed to the sample


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  • Proof of contaminations
  • Proof of additives
  • Identification of metals in materials