Elemental Analysis of Liquids and Solids for C, N, S, Cl

Prüfgerät Elementaranalyse

The solid or liquid samples are automatically inserted through a multi matrix sampler and subjected to a controlled burning at over 1000 °C in the pyrolysis oven. The gaseous combustion products are transferred to the analysis modules for determination of carbon, nitrogen, sulfur and chlorine. Further possibilities of the analysis system include the determination of TOC, EOX or AOX/TOX.    

(In cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Merseburg.)

Sample Preparation

  • Samples can be solid or liquid (diluted or undiluted)

Testing Conditions

About 50 mg of sample are needed per analysis. Usually multiple replicates of each sample are run.

  • analysis instrument: basic module EA 5000
  • multi matrix sampler MMS 5000
  • carbon module (NDIR detector)
  • nitrogen module CLD 5000 (chemo luminescence detector)
  • sulfur module UVFD 5000 (UV fluorescence detector)
  • chlorine module (micro-coulometric dead-stop titration)


Prof. Dr. Valentin Cepus
Telefon: +49 (0)3461 30889-51



  • Elementary analysis
  • Determination of TOC, EOX, AOX/TOX