2D-Chromatography (HPLC/GPC)

Today, the majority of polymer materials are composite products. Very often they consist of homo polymer blends or different copolymers. The macromolecules contained herein may differ in molecular weight, molecular weight distribution, chemical composition, functionality and molecular architecture. Such complex substance mixtures cannot be divided into their sample constituents by use of one chromatography method. An increased separation capacity can be achieved with a combination of two characterization methods with different separation principles.

2D-Chromatography combines two different chromatographic techniques. The most suitable 2D combination for copolymers and polymer blends is the use of gradient polymer HPLC (first dimension) and GPC for the second dimension. At first the sample will be separated according to their chemical composition (polarity) and then to the molecular size. In this way it is possible to separate polymer blends with the same molecular weight but different chemical composition. We use a 2D polymer analyzer consisting of a quaternary gradient pump, automatic sample changer, column thermostat, different HPLC columns, UV-VIS detector and a 2D-transfer value (HPLC part) as well as an isocratic pump, a high speed SEC column and an ELSD detector (SEC part). In addition to gradient separations the powerful 2D-system offers the possibility to make separations under critical conditions (end group separation).

(in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Merseburg)

Sample Preparation

  • required sample amount: 10 – 50 mg
  • the appropriate amount of sample is weighed into sample vials and treated with solvent
  • after 24h the sample solution will be filtered (0.2 µm syringe filter) and injected into the 2D-system

Testing Conditions

  • measuring temperature: 25 – 60 °C (depends on the used solvent)
  • only dissolved polymer molecules can be detected

Components of our GPC-system

  • SECcurity quaternary gradient pump 
  • SECcurity automatic sample changer
  • SECcurity column thermostat TCC6000
  • different HPLC columns
  • SECcurity multi wavelength UV-VIS detector
  • 8-port 2D transfer valve
  • SECcurity isocratic pump 
  • GPC column PSS SDV high speed linear M
  • SECcurity ELSD detector


Dr. Zhanna Evgrafova
Telefon: +49 (0)3461 46-2103



  • Gradient separation
  • Separations under critical conditions are possible